Vision Mission(CRC)


In the 21st century, as an effect of technological advancement, use of internet and computing device, the business processes have seen a tremendous change. The managers have to depend on decision support system to reduce the risk of erroneous decisions. They need continuous monitoring and a huge amount of prolific research and consultancy. This constant exploring brings many ideas into fruition, which then translates into redefining excellence in education for Zeal Institute. The Institute recognizes the potential of the faculties in research and consultancy activities. The Institute encourages the links between academic institutions and industries to promote knowledge sharing and enhance the socio-economic impact of Institute activities. Institute also strives to develop and expand innovative research ideas in the field of management that aligns well with the institutional mission and strategic plan, addresses important national and global needs by innovations and research.


Build and sustain research force comprising members of the institute on the basis of their research and consultancy inclination leading to creators and or consumers of research.


To create the Research and Consultancy centre of recognition by conducting World-class, creative research and consultancy activities that contributes to the body of knowledge and socio economic advancement of the nation and benefit humanity as a whole.


  • To initiate and inculcate the culture of Research and Consultancy activities in the Institute.
  • To conduct social and functional research in the field of social sciences and humanities.
  • To develop and expand innovative research and consultancy activities in the field of management.


  • To create zeal amongst students and faculty members towards research, consultancy and innovation.
  • To develop and implement a framework through which resources for research, consultancies and innovation can be effectively identified and mobilized.
  • To interact with industry, government, professionals, experts from research funding agencies for research opportunities.
  • To foster collaborations for mutual benefits and to maximize Industrial connectivity through consultancy and research.
  • To establish collaboration with other universities and institutions.
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