Role of CRC Committee

Role of CRC Committee

The Committee is responsible for the formulation of the overall policies related to Research and Consultancy activities in the Institute. The Committee undertakes processing of research proposals submitted by faculty members of the Institute to SPPU or to the sponsored organization, recommends financial and other forms of assistance for projects and consultancy. The Committee would not only scrutinize and critically appraise proposals but also help researchers wherever possible with suggestions for improving their project proposals and plans. The committee is also responsible for publishing Research Journals, ZIBACAR Magazines and a bi-annual ZIBACAR newsletter. Further the committee is responsible to promote and propagate research culture in the Institute such as organizing FDP, workshops, seminar & conferences.

The committee will be responsible for propagate and monitor the research ethics. The Chairman will be responsible for the corrective action in case of research ethics are not maintained, in consultation with the members of the committee and initiate the actions for the same.

The Chairman will be responsible for the development of research and consultancy activities at the Institute. He is expected to take initiative to stimulate research and consultancy amongst the faculty, formulate and implement research and consultancy policy, locate and negotiate with sponsors of research/consultancy projects, develop research facilities, and plan budgets for research and consultancy activities.

The Committee prepares an Annual Report on the total research and consultancy activity at the Institute during the year.

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