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Today’s business demands are constantly increasing and complex in nature. They need continuous monitoring and a huge amount of prolific research. This constant exploring brings many ideas into fruition, which then translates into redefining excellence in education for Zeal Institute. Therefore, the endeavor of the Research and Development Committee is to create the best Research Centre at the Institute by conducting World-class Research and creative Research activities that develop knowledge and contribute to the economic growth and social advancement of the nation and benefit humanity as a whole. We strive to develop and expand innovative research programs in the field of management that align well with the institutional mission and strategic plan, address important national and global needs by innovations and through technology enhance the economic development of the nation.

Various Functional Committees for National Seminar on

“India – Economic Dividend: Opportunities & Challenges for Businesses”

Sr. No. Name of the Committee Chairman & Member Duties
1 Organizing Committee Dr. Neha Sharma

Dr. Anand G. Jumle

Dr. Pravin N. Mahamuni

Overall Coordination
2 Delegate/ Guest

Reception/ Registration

Prof. Madhavi S.

Prof. Supriya Solunke

Mr. Amol Pangare

1)   Delegate registration

2)   Accepting registration fee / DD and maintaining record

3)   Preparation and Distribution of kit

4)   Distributing badges to VIPs  / Speakers / Experts, Delegates, volunteers and staff

5)   Glaze paper & Ribbon for Journal wrapping


3 Accommodation and Logistic Prof. Pramod Sasane

Prof. Satyavan K.

Prof. Akash Shinde

1)   Arranging for stay of guests / delegates

2)   Arranging for pick and drop facility

3)   Escorting the VIPs  / Speakers / Experts


4 Hospitality Committee Prof. Pramod Sasane

Prof. Pandurang Patil

Mr. Sachin Kalbhor

1)   Arranging for tea, breakfast and lunch for the delegates and VIP / Speakers / Experts / Delegates / Students


5 Dias/Auditorium Arrangement Prof. Kirti Samrit

Prof. Ravindra Gadge

Prof. Dharmendra Singh

Prof. Audumbar Kabade


1)   Backdrop of the Dias (Ensure from Printing team)

2)   Decoration of the Dias & Dia

3)   Preparation of Dias – Nameplates, Agenda, pencil, eraser, water bottles.

4)   Dia, Oil, Saraswati murthi, flowers for saraswati, haldi, kumkum, match box, rangoli, scissor, kapoor and candle.

5)   Arranging for chairs for delegates and VIP / Speaker / Guest etc

6)   Bouquets / shawls / coconuts arrangement for guests

7)   Seating arrangement for delegates & audience.

6 Technical Arrangement Prof. Dharmendra Singh

Prof. Audumbar Kabade

Mr. Kiran Gole


1)   Sound system which includes collar mike and mobile mike

2)   Videos/Cassettes / CDs for background music

3)   National Anthem, Sarasvati Vandana, Vande Matram and Pasaydan.

4)   To collect presentation from the Speakers and check it.

7 Marketing – Web, Social Media, E-mail Communication Prof. Santosh Apte

Prof. Dharmendra Singh

Prof. Audumbar Kabade


1)   Update the event website

2)  Time to time upload the information about the event on website & social media

3)  Call for paper

4)  Send the Students/faculties for marketing and maintain the record of it.


8 Invitation & Thank you letter Dr. Neha Sharma

Dr. Anand G. Jumle

Prof. Anil Poman

Mr. Sachin Kalbhor

1)    Design & print the invitation

2)    Sending invitation letters to VIPs/ Guest/Experts/ Speaker

3)    Sending invitation letters to all the institutes of Zeal Education Society and members of ZES.

4)    Invitations to Narhe, Higane campus and Governing Body and Trustee Members

5)    Inviting industry representatives as participants for the national level seminar

6)    Thanks letter to the speakers  by hand or by post along with photo


9 Press Conference & Media Coverage Dr. Anand G. Jumle

Prof. Ashish Vyas


1)   Request letter to conduct the press conference for zeal education society stating the event details

2)   Attach the filled form & pay the fees

3)   Identify the reporters & invite them personally for this press conference.

4)   Arrange for Tea / Snacks  during the press conference for reporters

5)   Ensure that the news is covered in the news papers before & after the event

6)   Reporters to be present for the event.

7)   Identify & communicate to the participants to be present at press conference.

8)   Preparation of write-up for the press before and after the seminar along with photo.

9)   Media Coverage

10 Call for Paper


Dr. Anand G. Jumle

Dr. Pravin N Mahamuni

Prof. Rajesh Kashyap

Prof. Kirti Samrit

1)   To call & receive the research paper

2)   Handover the papers to the journal team

11 Management Journal Dr. Neha Sharma

Dr. Anand G. Jumle

Dr. Pravin N Mahamuni

Prof. Madhavi S.

Mr. Bhaskar Lendave


1)   Taking the approval from the Director of the panel members for selection of research paper for the journal

2)   Mailing the review remarks and status of selected research paper to the participants

3)   Intimating author(s) of non selected papers.

4)   Ensure the author(s) of selected paper has registered himself for the conference

5)   Send the copy right and journal format to the author(s).

6)   Compile/Format the journal & hand over the draft to printing team.


12 Printing Prof. Pandurang Patil

Prof. Anil Poman

Mr. Bhaskar Lendave


1) Designing & printing of Broucher

2) Designing & printing of Certificate

3) Printing of Journal

4) Flex & backdrop

13 Photograph Prof. Ravindra Gadge

Mr. Bhaskar Lendave


1)   Inform the photographer about the event

2)   Collect the all soft copies and print the selected photos.

3)   Create an album with sub titles to each photograph.

4)   Handover photos to website team.

14 Comparing Prof. Archana Vechalekar


Comparing for the entire seminar, welcome song, introduction and vote of thanks of the experts, pasidan etc. giving mementoes for the best student papers, experts’ felicitation by giving flowers and mementoes.
15 Mementoes Dr. Neha Sharma

Prof. Rajesh Kashyap

Prof. Santosh Apte

Mr. Sachin Kalbhor

1)Finalize & collect the mementos

2)Handover to the Dais team

16 Sponsorship Committee


All faculty members of MBA & MCA
17 Audit & Submit Dr. Neha Sharma

Dr. Anand G. Jumle

Dr. Pravin N. Mahamuni

Mr. Sachin Kalbhor

Auditing & Submitting the document for grant
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