Assembly(Open Space Deliberation)

Open Space Deliberation(MCA Assembly)

In today’s business environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes one’s power. If one knows something, the way to get more power is by actually sharing it. On every Wednesday , students and faculty members assembled in the Seminar hall and both shared their knowledge and showed their presentation skills.

S. N.  Topic      Date       Mentees      Mentor
1. e-waste Management 25/09/2017 Ms. Rutuja Barsode Dr. Babasaheb Mohite
2. Hockey : Natinal Game of India 10-09-2017 Ashish Kawade Prof. Audumbar Kabade
3. Google Adsense 10-02-2017 Dnyaneshwar Harak Dr. Rajesh Kashyap
4. Ionic Framework 18/9/2017 Shivangi Naik
Arvind Udawant
Prof. Dayanand Suryawanshi
 5. Extreme Gadgets 09-11-2017 Prabhat Khobrekar Prof. Kirti Samrit
5. 1. Management lessons leanrt from Trekking
2. Ganesh festival
28/8/2017 Abhijeet Tamang Prof. Madhavi Shamkuwar
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