MCA Assembly

In today’s business environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes one’s power. If one knows something, the way to get more power is by actually sharing it. On every Wednesday , students and faculty members assembled in the Seminar hall and both shared their knowledge and showed their presentation skills.

S. N.  Topic   Date  Mentees Mentor
1. Cloud Computing 24/8/2016 Vikrant Mali, Arvind ,Nitin Thombre Prof. Audumbar Kabade
2. Android Vs Windows 3/3/2015 Milind Naik Prof.Madhavi Shamkuwar
3. FlashBack 2014 17/2/2015 Prerana Tekade,Kirti Kulkarni, Rajashri Oulkar Prof. Anita Pophale
4. 66th Republic Day 3/2/2015 Samruddhi Gambhire

Ashwini Chormore

Prof. Kiran Tikar
 5. Emerging Careers in Software Testing 06/01/2015   Lomesh Gavade,  Swami Pise Prof. Rajesh Kashyap
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