Students Achievements MBA

It is the philosophy at DICER to nurture the talents of the students and DICER has always encouraged students to participate in events. We have remarkable students with a variety of talents, not the least of which is Academic Excellence. Our Institute’s Glittering Stars have excelled in various events; details of meritorious and Victorious students are given below

1 Girish Pimpale,Sham Totala, Ajit Thorat 1st Prize Winner in “Business Quiz and Bidding” at VIM, Pune    1st and 2nd Feb. 2013
2 Ashish Babar, Ganesh B. Rodake, Sagar Kunthale (MBA I) Represented at first parliament of Indian Student Council Leaders, MIT, Pune
3 Ashish Babar, Ganesh B. Rodake, Sagar Kunthale, Randhir Sugat, Sagar Pawar, Sagar Mhethre, Pooja Mate, Rupali Chalke, Nitin Polade, Pankaj Yankraj, Vaibhav Erankar, Vikas Ninave, and Bhushan Kawale(MBA I) Participated at University level Seminar on “Cross – Cultural Management”.
Dhareshwar Institute of Management, Pune
4 Akshay Galgate, Irsha Gaikwad, Ujwala Babar, Bhagwan Waghmare Presented paper on ” The Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Case Study” in Student’s District Level seminar, DICER, Pune.
5 Vikas Ninave, Bhushan Kawale, Vivek Kulkarni, Rushab Singvi Participated in Advertisement competition on the topic of Zeal Bike. MKURA at MIT, Pune
6 Vikas Ninawe, Randhir Sugat, Ashish Babar, Bhushan Kawale Presented paper on ” Technology based Entrepreneurship: Case study on Microsoft”, in National seminar, DICER, Pune
7 Kiran Shindalkar, Niraj Nangliya, khushal Kure Presented paper on ” Image Processing ” district Level seminar, DICER, Pune.
8 Kiran Shindalkar, Niraj Nangliya, khushal Kure Presented paper on ” Satelite Remote Sensing ” National Level seminar, DICER, Pune.
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