MBA Assembly

In today’s business environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes one’s power. If one knows something, the way to get more power is by actually sharing it. On every  Wednesday, students and faculty members assembled in the Seminar hall and both shared their knowledge and showed their presentation skills. Details of MBA Assembly are given below


S. N. Topic Date Mentees Mentor
1.  Indian Economy-Opportunites & Challenges  12/10/2017  Aishwarya Sangar, Madhuri Devkare Prof.Anil Poman
2.  Balance ScoreCard 05/10/2017  Pratiksha Hogale  Dr. Pravin N. Mahamuni
3  Rapid technology & Encient Brain  19/09/2017  Pranaya Rokade  Dr. Santosh Apte
4.  Bitcion  12/10/2017  Pawan Sawant, Priyanka Shinde  Dr. Pravin N. Mahamuni
4. GST & Capital Market. 12/10/2017 Pavan Sawant& Amruta Prof.Anil Poman
4. Leading towards a good life 19/09/2017 Ashwini Bhojane Prof. Vaibhav Kulkarni
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