Investment Lab

ZIBACAR Investment Lab

ZIBACAR believes in experimental learning and result based education. ZIBACAR has set up an Investment lab in order provide students a platform to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom and reinforce their practical knowledge on finance.

The Investment Lab endeavors to create informed decision makers out of our students by enhancing their know-how related to financial markets and various financial instruments. This knowledge would also arm them with the required information to make important personal-finance related decisions and handle their own wealth in a proper manner.

ZIBACAR Investment Lab works to disseminate knowledge related to the Share Market, Derivative (F & O) Market, Mutual Fund, Tax Planning, Insurance, Currency Market Commodity Market, NPS, Estate Planning, and Post Office Schemes. This lab also has features like Online Trading, Mock Stock, Expert Talk, BSE Visit, Personal Financial Planning, Research Report Analysis, IPO, Portfolio Management, Algo. Trading, Investment Advisory, Investment Planning Swing Trading ,Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Sector Analysis, Stock Analysis, NISM Exams, and NCMP Exams among others. The Investment Lab thus provides the students with comprehensive and exhaustive knowledge related to finance and the financial markets.

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