Centre For Research And Consultancy

The way business is conducted has undergone a sea change in the 21st century as a result of   technological advancement wherein the use of high speed internet and advanced computing methods has become the new normal. The managers today have the support of advanced technology which seldom makes mistakes thus making them more efficient and productive. These systems, however, still need the human touch in the form of continuous monitoring which involves tomes of research to make it effective. This constant activity of exploration and revelation results in the materialization of newer ideas, further redefining excellence, a principle Zeal Institutes live by. We believe in the mettle of our esteemed faculty in the research and consulting sphere. We at Zeal believe in maintaining a firm link between Industry and Academia. This ensures a two-way stream of knowledge is always in flow between them, a crucial feature since our brilliant students would be stepping into the very same Industry upon their graduation from the Institute. This also augments the socio-economic impact of our activities. The Institute also strives to improve and further ingenious research ideas in the field of Management that align with the Institutional Mission and strategic plan and address imperative national and global needs through research.

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